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  1. veen leo says:

    Wow I got my iWatch series 4 Apple ID unlock completely through the help of @coding55 on Instagram,

  2. james gordon says:

    Right to the point. I like that. Good tips. As a newbie to the S4, and an older guy, I’m not that, er, tech savvy. So I watch these hints YouTube sends me. Your the best so far. Thank you.

  3. Zachary Dalton says:

    Only thing i learned was the heart rate thing i recently got a series 4 so any tricks just for it would be helpful!

  4. magnificentGS says:

    Thank you mate. I just tried 3 tips which I did not know, they are fine and useful.

  5. Kathryn Hudson says:

    I’ve tried to make my phone flash with the watch, but it never happens. I have an iPhone 7+. Does this work only with the 10 series phones? Thanks!

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