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  1. Plainrock124 says:

    This Apple Watch Series 3 + Cellular was an impulse buy because it was iCloud Locked for $50 at a Pawn Shop. Never thought I would find something pretty newish for so cheap, so I bought it even though I didn't have a video idea for it, and this is what I came up with. There's not much I could do with what is basically a tiny smartphone. After trying to activate it right after I bought it, it was indeed iCloud Locked. But after a few weeks, I tried again, it activated! Guess the original owner removed it from their iCloud. Hopefully, it wasn't stolen…

  2. Paul Saharov says:

    People, What Is Wrong With You?
    They Knew a Horror About Smashes & Break a Apple Watch.

  3. Анна Федорова says:

    Кто здесь заблудился вместе со мной лайк,и кстати он ломает свой дорогой смарт(бедный смарт….)

  4. Mac Mac says:

    You idiot you could have just GIVEN IT AWAY but why do you destroy apple, why don't you destroy samsung

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