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  1. Peter Russell says:

    What you want and what your going to get are two seperate things. I chose to buy the ipad pro 2017 and skip waiting for the new one and save the money. Plus I love the front finger print sensor and its highly likely to be removed like the samsung tab s4 and iphone X

  2. Citrina05 says:

    You should probably also add the notch, because if they remove fingerprint scanner, they will add face id and front facing camera.

  3. وش عليك Wach aliaek says:

    My phone
    iPhone 6s 128gb rose gold
    iPhone 6s Plus 128gb gold
    iPhone 7 256gb red
    iPhone 7 Plus 256gb silver
    iPhone 8 256gb white
    iPhone 8 Plus 256gb black
    iPhone X 256gb gray
    iPad Pro 12.9 inch 512gb black gray
    I’m buy on pre order
    iPhone 9 512gb pink
    iPhone 9 Plus 512gb blue
    iPhone xl 512gb you low
    iPhone xl plus 512gb orange
    iPad x 1024gb brown

  4. Meme Machine says:

    0:44 the iphone on the left is the iphone Xs the one in the middle is just iphone and the triple camera or the phone to the right is the iphone Xs Plus

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