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  1. Insanity Sock says:

    I work in a pharmacy and I have seen people pay $300 COPAYS for glucose testing strips. Most commonly they're $30-$100, but this would be a groundbreaking feature to have on a smart watch.

  2. person the person says:

    The blood sugar monitoring would be amazing, since current test strips and testers are annoying, invasive, and expensive. If Apple could actually implement these features, I wouldn’t think twice about buying the new watch.

  3. Ryan Newill says:

    Well there is censors you can put in your arm and Check your blood sugar through an app

  4. eazy14 says:

    I hope my series 4 lte 44mm will be worth 400€, I will sell it and buy the series 5 for additional 150€ :)

  5. DiscreteCinema says:

    So confused why a FaceID camera hasn't been added in 5 generations of apple watches…

  6. Alexi Rinchest says:

    Что за шакдоналдс? Меня больше это волнует :D

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