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  1. Ava WIlliams says:

    Love your videos I've been wanting to get an Apple Watch since I started watching your videos.

  2. Jams says:

    I’m planning to buy the series 4 (not talking about the gold, can’t afford it!). I really hope the series 4 has a bigger screen.

  3. Lukas Hagen says:

    Well I actually am not your opinion. The Stainless Steel Apple Watch is very nice! For a Tech-Accessoiry it is at the edge of a justifiable pricetag. You are able to buy an iPhone from that price, which has more features than an Apple Watch … so look what you could buy for 2000€ in the Apple-Universe!
    Also: the hardware is outdated within a single year – the software within four years. True collector-watches are much longerlasting! :))
    It is beautiful – yes! But I don‘t think it is worth the Money.

  4. captain9fingers says:

    In terms of resell value it is not worth it. Gold plating does not increase the worth of any product. In terms of style it is subjective so I am happy you feel it is worth it for you.

  5. Stephen Mathews says:

    What would happen if you had a gold plated Apple Watch, and you threw it off of a cruise ship? Should I stay away from that?

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