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  1. ZwienerZ says:

    Good answer! You like what you like. And that's all that matters. I read the previous conversation. I started with an iPhone 4 and I have since switched to Android. I had a Note and now have a Nexus 4. It was the best decision I have ever made! But all that matters is what works for YOU. Fanboys piss me off so reading your comments was refreshing.

  2. beyondplanetside says:

    what d8910 was trying to explain to you is that you can do nothing on the iphone that you can not do on a droid witch is cheaper and you can listen to music better because of the onboard sound in the prosesor in the phone is better in the note 2 than in the iphone

  3. silenteyesspy says:

    You still haven't impressed me. I'd never use any of those things, and for my use none of those things are important to me. the gestures all look the same, and there's nothing wrong with the gestures I use now.

  4. Daniel Faronbi says:

    LOL!!! you really think they have the same gestures?


    watch?v=qHh-mTV3FAk (I know this is the s3 but the note 2 has all these features as well)

    Also, with the note 2 you can use some apps in special windows. The s pen on the note two is special because it's pressure sensitive which makes it perfect for drawing and writing. The S pen also has a hover feature.

  5. Daniel Faronbi says:

    Watching videos is better because of the bigger screen and higher resolution.

    Listening to music is better because you can use the play store, itunes, and drag and drop to get music; you can also use this to watch video. Also, the music player has equalizer effect and you can choose a song based on the mood you are in.

    I know you don't play games but the bigger screen and emulators make gaming awesome.

    Web surfing is better because of the bigger screen and flash player.

  6. silenteyesspy says:

    to watch a video, I'd watch it on the iphone just fine. also my iphone is my only ipod. how the galaxy note 2 can be "better" at listening to music is beyond me; as listening to music is just listening to music…I don't play games on phones, so there's another feature lost on me..I surf the web just fine with my iphone. the gestures you speak of are iphone gestures, so I don't see how they're better. nothing you've told me, wants to make me run out and get a different phone. enlighten me with

  7. Daniel Faronbi says:

    But the note 2's hardware more than makes up for that. Also, ouchwiz was design specifically for the note 2, the note 2 us smooth, period. There is no getting around that.

  8. silenteyesspy says:

    No, I buy something that's meant to run on what it has…software that's designed to run with hardware, therefore not creating any problems. The people that jailbreak are the teenagers, I'm talking about regular people..my mom wouldn't be jailbreaking nor would the business man that just needs a phone. I don't take notes, therefore that feature is lost on me, I don't watch videos on my phone, therefore I don't care if the galaxy note 2 is "better" at watching videos. pretty sure if I needed

  9. Daniel Faronbi says:

    Your logic: I buy something with less featureas opposed to something cheaper that does more. Have you seen the note 2's speed? EVERYTHING you said was opinions. Look: "I" don't use widgets, "I" don't like customization (many people like to customize that's why they jailbreak their phones". Nothing you said were facts. The truth is the galaxy note 2 is better than the iPhone in watching videos, listening to music, web browsing, plating game,yes, faster better gestures, taking notes. Out of chars.

  10. silenteyesspy says:

    clearly your defenses are up for no reason. It kind of shows who the real fanboy here is.

  11. silenteyesspy says:

    I said how sufficient is the hardware with the software. I also said that I never used widgets, and I wouldn't want a stylist. I also said most people don't customize our phones, because we just need a phone..why would you buy something that you'll never use most of the features. Everything I said there were no opinions and everything I said no where in there is anything inspired by Apple. I wasn't comparing features, so I don't know where you got that from. I also never said that one is slow

  12. Daniel Faronbi says:

    Lol, those are all just your opinion (inspired by apple). Can you please name features the iPhone has that android doesn't? Oh yeah, you can't. If you really think the s3htc one x, and note 2 are slow you are REALLY blinded by apple.

  13. silenteyesspy says:

    I wouldn't want a stylist, as that is so 2002, I never used widgets not even when I used Windows. Most people like myself don't customize our phones, sure I change the background on the lockscreen and wall paper, but that's about it. But how sufficient is that hardware with the software, that's just it. One can always have better hardware but the software doesn't take advantage of it; or viceversa. That's why I like everything Apple because it just works like it's supposed to.

  14. Daniel Faronbi says:

    Not only because they're cheap. Also, how are android phones generics brands of the iphone? Can you get a stylist like the note 2's on an iPhone? Can you have widgets on the iPhone? Custom lock screens, galleries, video players, home replace,cents etc? The answer. NO!!! cheaper does not mean better. But when a cheaper phone has better hardware than most expensive phones(like the nexus 4) , what's the point on buying the more expensive version.

  15. AirJordan2380920 says:

    All Apple Fanboys ive seen are just like their iphones; don't have the capacity to multitask or handle sophisticated matters.

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