3 Best Antivirus Software For Mac 2022


Protect Your Access to the Internet

The online world isn’t always a safe space where you can browse or transact freely. The longer you stay online, the more you get exposed to hackers, viruses or malware. This is why it’s always best to update your devices with anti-virus software, so you won’t have to worry about these issues.

For Mac users, you may think that you don’t need such software because of the macOS, but this doesn’t make your device immune to online threats. According to a report from a cybersecurity software company, there has been an alarming increase in cyber attacks, of at least 400%, on Mac users in 2018 to 2019.

If you’re still having doubs about whether to invest in an anti-virus software, then you know now that you should get one as soon as possible. If you’ve already made up your mind and are just looking for the best and most reliable software, don’t worry, here’s an in-depth review of three of the leading cybersecurity software in the market: Norton, Bitdefender and Kaspersky.

Norton Overview Norton Homepage Photo: Norton/ us.norton.com

Norton is an all-in-one security software that protects your devices from viruses and malware. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning to identify online threats in just milliseconds. The software guarantees you can enjoy the digital life without fear of experiencing the dark side of the internet. As one of the leading civilian cyber intelligence networks in the world, it provides easy access to cyber safety.

Norton Features Norton Features Photo: Norton/ us.norton.com

For Mac users, it’s recommended that they purchase the Norton360 as it’s the most compatible software that can give your devices full protection against threats from the online world, such as phishing scams, data theft, spyware, identity theft and many more. It  adjusts to your computer’s functions through the Location Awareness feature, so you won’t have to worry about complications while using it. It also has a file guard where you can add more protection for your files by setting a password. The following are the main features of the Norton 360 for Mac:

  • Intrusion Prevention: This feature detects potential threats and blocks them even…