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  1. Pascal Illustration says:

    As an almost 20 years Mac user, in my opinion the Mac advantages don’t mean much to me anymore.

    5. Migrating files: > doesn’t count for me. I want to transfer my files manually. Otherwise the Mac system determines were the files are placed.
    It works close together with Time machine wich was the worst back up system I ever used because you almost have no control.

    4. Software updates is ok. Although Apple wants to push it to the next operating system.
    But in general I’m ok with the way it works.

    3. Uninstalling applications is easy. Indeed. But it’s not something you have to do every day. And since I have computer experience I don’t mind when it would be a little bit more difficult.

    2. Included productivity apps: The iLife apps were good until a certain point. But that time is over. I don’t use iPhoto, because it’s too much integrated in the Apple ecosystem. iTunes is not as good as it once was.
    iMovie is fast, but not the editor I want. Garageband is ok for simple things. They discontinued iDvd.
    iWork crashed a lot so I switched to something else. There are free alternatives that are equally good or better.

    1. Installing Windows: isn’t Windows already installed on a Windows pc when you buy it?
    And even if it’s more difficult. It’s not a daily job.
    Oh… and Boot camp. It don’t ‘Just works’.

    For me (and probably a lot of other prosumers) the advantages are too small compared with the disadvantages.

  2. Kilian Muster says:

    I think what I appreciate most on Macs is that you have very consistent universal keyboard shortcuts in all apps, so even with a new app you'll know how to use it to a large part.

    Also true and universal copy & paste, drag and drop, which I still often find to be a hit and miss on Windows, is a given on macOS. Regardless of app vendor you'll be able to copy & paste not just text, but very complex data very smoothly between apps, very often in an editable format (you can copy a table from Google apps into Pages.app and it's still a table that you can edit, not just an image of the table, etc.).

  3. PoliticalHell says:

    I think #3 and #4 sum it all up. Everything on Windows – EVERYTHING – is fucking counter-intuitive and it kills your productivity. This isn't nearly as much of an issue on macOS.

  4. Andrew Johnson says:

    Though I have no intention of purchasing a Mac product, this video is quite informative and worthwhile. Thank you for it.

  5. J0hNF_UK says:

    Seems Windows 10 has actually taken away a few features that earlier versions had. Such as the Windows Easy Transfer and Movie Maker. Progress, huh?

    I've put bootcamp onto a number of macs over the years and it is really quite easy, once you suss-out how to get it all started.

  6. T BC says:

    Sometimes when dragging apps to trash, it leaves application/cache files behind that were used to keep data in the app. E.g. Imovie has original media, render files, shared files, and if dragging apps to the trash, this often isn't removed. You can get utilities to help with this.

  7. WorBlux says:

    Sounds about right, but you forgot one of the big ones. The X in OS X isn't just for 10, it's for a fully certified UNIX. If you care to, you can do some really technical stuff with the powerful software under all that candy-coating you are talking about. While windows has made big strides it still isn't even close to being fully POSIX compatible.

  8. DukeDresari says:

    My oh my. I like Dave a lot but these tech reviews are not good. Other dedicated channels do them so much better. Stick to social commentary I say.

  9. zloidooraque says:

    1. not an issue at all (in caps). you do it once in several years. and you can just transfer a hard drive easily or make disk image and deploy it on the new machine. 995 of cases it works seamlessly. idk how transfer app on mac work, but if it uses the internet, how much time transfer will get? 7 hours on 100mbit/s connection for 300gb (in best case, if apple server will not be a bottleneck)
    2. one a month is often? well then.. i don't know how often it's for mac, but if it's not once a year, there is no much difference. and you can restart when you want. it's not forcing you to restart "right now".
    3. to uninstall app in windows you should open start menu, right click app and choose "uninstall". and you are free from having that app bar in the bottom of the screen and useless trash can icon. and the argument is inherently laughable also. uninstall apps rly
    4. shitty out-of-the box apple apps are not "powerful apps". who uses this shit anyway. guess what there are tons of free software for PC, much more than for mac!
    every sane user wants to choose app they are most comfortable with anyway, so making 5 minutes to download and install needed app an argument is really silly. and how often you will do that? when getting new computer and not doing OS/software migration from old? it's ridiculous argument really.
    5. installing? that again? and what are you, from 90s? driver issues are not issues at all for long time. 99% of drivers are installed automatically.drivers for some not-so-common hardware need to be downloaded sometimes, that stands for macs also.

    so what we have? 3 arguments about the process you undergo once in a several years (and they are invalid anyway), one comes from lack of knowledge and it leaves us with just one, that may be legit, but is insignificant per se.

    if i'd done such a video there will be like 20 arguments PC>Mac. and the arguments would be really real, but not taken out of thin air. if consider less significant things, it would be like 100 mb lol

  10. Sharif Sourour says:

    I have not had an easy time with bootcamp precisely due to a lack of drivers… thankfully that no longer matters since Fusion VM has gotten advanced enough to give virtually native performance, even using my hardware graphics card; previously unachievable so easily

  11. TechXSoftware says:

    On MAC you can't simply drag and and drop the program in the trash, folders are still left on the computer in random spots, you need a program to fully remove it.

  12. JonnyInfinite says:

    Some points

    Uninstalling programs is a few more steps, but Windows Store applications can be uninstalled with a right click.

    Installing Windows from a DVD is a little easier on a PC, for obvious reasons :P

    Updates on Windows can be a pain, but you can defer them on Win 10 Pro.

    Windows Movie Maker is still around, it's part of the Essentials download. I expect it to be replaced soon, the way Paint is about to be. At least it's free, unlike iMovie, which cost me a tenner for my Core 2 Duo MacBook.

    I can see what you mean about Garage Band, but again you have to pay for that too.

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