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  1. JoeDWhiteTalks says:

    1:22 that is actually a false claim "the MacBook line is completely locked down". You can actually upgrade the RAM on a mid 2010 MacBook or earlier versions of the MacBook Pro lineups. I am using a mid 2010 MacBook with the white unibody with 8GB of RAM (which I upgraded myself with no issues).

  2. Brendan Smith says:

    As I watch this, I am cleabing up some older pc parts which I got for free as ewaste that I was using to make a custom low budget server pc. PCs are da best!

  3. Lita Ziang says:

    macs are not expensive than PC . If take PCs with SSDs they almost cost the same as mac or even more .

  4. Bobby Papoutsis says:

    I prefer the build quality that Apple provides versus the poor build quality that other manufactures provide. If I have to sacrifice specs to ensure that my laptop actually looks presentable and pleasing to the eye, then I will. That said, I don't think that Apple hardware is underpowered compared to similarly priced Windows PC lineups. Remember, the main purpose to Apple hardware is work productivity and media content creation and editing. Microsoft has been more about software than hardware, always has been, so naturally, you may find that a MacBook Pro is not that impressive from a software point of view, but once you look at the hardware, it's little wonder that the MacBook is often the target for theft. You look at a MacBook, any type, and you can't deny the beautiful design and the build quality. Apple products are very durable and don't break down over time compared to their PC brethren. I had a 2008 Toshiba Satellite (Which for its time, was a very good laptop, not a beast but I could run games on it such as MapleStory without issues, including Sims 3.) and I had to take it in for a few repairs because the touchpad buttons had been worn down (Not really my fault, my brother would use the laptop too and he's never been a tech savvy individual, not like myself). One thing that did happen which was totally my fault, was spilling hot chocolate on the keyboard when my cousin sent me this "scary" video to watch, and it featured a snake and as someone with a deathly phobia of them, I jumped up so much that I spilled a good deal of the beverage on it. Surprisingly, other than crystallization of the sugar, the keyboard was still working without any issues since I drained the liquid before it could harm the components inside. However, after much wear and tear of the charging power cable (not the power adapter itself), I could no longer charge the laptop, and thus draw power to it. Presumably, the laptop would still work today, and I would like to resurrect it for other tasks as it has an optical drive. I may have to replace the battery and such, but I think swapping out the HDD with an SSD, and some upgrade of the RAM, I could get it to run Windows 10. I also need a new power adapter and power cord for it, since my own doesn't work anymore.

  5. J Scott Upton says:

    Windows PC is the world standard. Before I bought a MAC I would just put Linux on a Windows machine.

  6. McRom37 says:

    i would like to hear the advantages? cuz i cant find to much, the mac has been highly disappointing, and as we further into the future the mac seems to be getting worst.

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