5 Things You Can Do On The Apple Watch Series 6 All By Its Lonesome


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The Apple Watch is, in essence, a miniaturized iPhone.

That means you can leave the iPhone at home and manage just fine.

Review backgrounder: I have an Apple Watch Series 6 with Verizon cellular service and an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Truth is, the Apple Watch has rendered my iPhone an appendage to the Watch — not the other way around. To put it another way, the older iPhone and iPad paradigms are being eclipsed — slowly but surely — by newer wearables like the Watch and AirPods (and Apple Glasses if that becomes a reality).

In my case, roughly 80 percent of the time I use the watch only. That is especially true when I’m mobile or traveling. The iPhone stays in my pocket or I leave it at home.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s not a must to have the iPhone with me:

(1) Exercise / workouts: When I go on long hikes the Watch is more often than not the only thing that goes with me. Workout apps, metrics, health monitors are all there and immediately accessible on my wrist.

(2) Location / mapping: the Watch will show my location and extras like an always-on altimeter — the latter a complication that I have on my watch face and use a lot since I’m an avid hiker.

(3) Shopping: Apple pay works just fine without the iPhone. So, I can do all of my food shopping, trips to the drug store, Starbucks etc. on the Watch alone.

(4) Calls / email /texting: I can make standalone phone calls, check email, respond to texts all on my Watch sans iPhone.

(5) Track calendar events / meetings: you’ll get all the notifications you need without the iPhone.