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  1. 9to5Mac says:

    If you haven't already watched our iOS 13 200+ features video, I recommend you do so before watching this. I tried to avoid overlap in this video, and stay focused on iPad-centric features as much as possible. What do you think about iPadOS 13? Is it a good new start for the iPad?

  2. Skull Rings, Knives, Watches says:

    It’s not 48 different apps. It includes recent apps, so those are apps already in use, so it’s more like 44 different apps on one screen

  3. Olivia A says:

    is the ipad in this video the 11 inch or the 12.9 inch? i might get one for school soon but i dont know which one to get, im leaning towards the 11 because it's more portable but the extra space on the 12.9 would be nice

  4. Karabo ManneZA says:

    Is Apple Hardware a Toy?
    Coz in my experience only toys work like they have no limits. Its like he’s playing with a He-Man Action Figure arm, like he’s turning it 360 degrees expecting it to break but it didnt n so you keep adding that arm to a Slide over app switcher

  5. Clive Sinclair says:

    The number of icons on screen and in the dock is dependent on iPAd model/screen size.

  6. piercem56 says:

    Will file transfer from hard drive allow transferring of office 365 files like word, excel, power point, from PC to iPad? I'm a new college student and own a windows desktop, and want to run a iPad Pro for school.

  7. Jay says:

    Great job, this must be the best videos I’ve seen so far about the new iPadOS and I’ve watched many already.

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