6 Ways to Troubleshoot If a Bluetooth Device Freezes Your Mac

  • If you suspect your Bluetooth device freezes your Mac, there are some things you can check to troubleshoot.
  • Make sure that your MacOS is up to date because it can contain updates to your Bluetooth drivers and resolve potential issues.
  • You can also toggle your Bluetooth controls, re-pair your devices, and make sure your WiFi isn’t conflicting with Bluetooth.
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Everyone knows your Mac is supposed to “just work.” Usually, it does. But sometimes your computer can misbehave, especially when wireless technology like


causes issues. Some users find that Bluetooth can even cause their MacBook or other Apple computer to freeze at startup, or Bluetooth itself to freeze up or perform slowly. If you’re having a problem with your Mac because of Bluetooth, here are a few common ways to troubleshoot and solve the issue. 

Make sure your Bluetooth devices are fully charged

If you’re experiencing problems with Bluetooth performance on your Mac, the easiest thing to check is to make sure any Bluetooth device you’re using — whether it’s your headphones, keyboard, mouse, or any other device — is fully charged. 

Update your MacOS

It’s possible that you’re using an older version of MacOS, and it has a critical bug that is affecting your Bluetooth connections. To check, click the Apple logo in the menu bar, then About this Mac. On the MacOS About screen, click Software Update… If there are any updates available, click Update Now

The Software Update dialog box for MacOS.

Check for system updates that might solve your Bluetooth…