66% of all tablet shipments are iPads

AppleInsider reports:

According to analysis from ABI research released on Monday, strong interest in Apple’s third-generation iPad helped the company maintain a nearly 65 percent share of the tablet sector which grew to 18.2 million worldwide shipments by the end of the first quarter.

Samsung shipped 1.1 million tablets during the first three months of 2012, returning to the South Korean giant to the number two spot and displacing Amazon’s Kindle which saw sales peter out after enjoying a strong holiday quarter.

“A pattern similar to smartphones is also occurring in tablets,” said Jeff Orr, group director of consumer research at ABI. “Apple and Samsung have demonstrated staying power while other tablet vendors ebb and flow like the tide.”

And with reports that Apple has a smaller 7.85-inch iPad in the works, perhaps ready to launch this Fall, expect that number to increase as Apple will be attracting price conscious consumers who have been turning to devices like the Kindle Fire and an assortment of other cheaper tablets.

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