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  2. andrej hüttel says:

    Sehr tolles vid und interessante ! :) Schau auch doch einmal beim yt von Roland Leonardo vorbei, hat auch ähnlich coole videos.

  3. Hazatul Saiful says:

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  4. Edward Deaney says:

    The reason it took you four years to find the list view on home screen: it hasn’t existed until watchOS 4.

  5. William Yates says:

    I did know some of that and I bought my watch because I just loved Mickey and Minnie and the watch and IPhone communicate together. I just love that and when I cant reach my phone to take a call I just talk to the phone. I’m sure Iv’e been called “86” somewhere while talking to my watch. Good work Cult of Mac. Look forward to many more mate.

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