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  1. That Sorted Life says:

    This is the most useful “tips” video I’ve seen yet for the Apple Watch. Great job! Thanks!!

  2. Bert0ld0 says:

    But then if someone steals both my mac and apple watch he can easily unlock the mac? It doesn’t feel safe at all to me

  3. Vinay kumar reddy says:

    i'm having apple watch and macbook for more than a year and i didn't know that i can unlock macbook using my apple watch.. great video.. kudos

  4. Vipin VP says:

    Great video. Something new to take home. BTW, whats that music app at 2:37 ? look a bit different than the default music player in watch.

  5. Jono Then says:

    Wow the way to get to notifications and control centre is amazing
    Thanks for that

  6. Latoya Tarver says:

    I don’t have a Apple Watch I do want one someday how much are they? Does it add to your account

  7. April Crawford says:

    Thank you so much! I didn’t know how to change to List version and to deactivate the Auto launch feature

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