9to5Mac Happy Hour 317: Ads in Apple software, iOS 14.5 changes, Apple Music shareable lyrics


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This week, Benjamin and Chance discuss the latest changes in iOS 14.5 beta 2 including shareable lyrics in Apple Music, as well as ponder the fate of the iPhone 12 mini and assess how much Apple services advertising and marketing is hurting the Apple software experience.

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Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo

Chance Miller @chancehmiller



Benjamin Mayo: Okay. So Zach is out this week and in his place, you’ve got me as noise. Yeah. And we got a very special guest with, from nine to five Mac. We have chance Miller. Hi John. Hey Michelle, how’s it going? It’s going good. Now people may know you from the non-home Mac daily podcast, right? Where you did daily news update.

[00:00:19] It’s very good. You can go and subscribe to that. Uh, but I think this is your first time on happy hour. Is that correct? 

[00:00:25] Chance Miller: This is my first time on the modern version of happy hour. Yes. Back in the old days, when we did the round tables with like 10 people, I was on a feed 

[00:00:33] Benjamin Mayo: though, just Mark. And they were a mess.

[00:00:35] Holy moly. They’re still on YouTube. If 

[00:00:37] Chance Miller: you want to go find 

[00:00:38] Benjamin Mayo: him, I think, yeah. You can see me from my like university dorm room seven years ago. It’s kind of crazy. Uh, but let’s, let’s jump in. We got some, we got some good stories too about this week. Firstly, something that we didn’t quite catch. Uh, in last week’s episode was about the iPhone 12 mini situation.

[00:00:54] There was a story that we covered, um, from counterpoint research…