A Major Apple-authorized retailer in Lubbock went bankrupt, leaving customers without their devices

LUBBOCK, Texas – The Simply Mac store in Lubbock is one of dozens nationwide that have been shut down after the third-party Apple retailer declared bankruptcy last week, causing serious problems for its customers.

Joey Martinez, a student, Marine Veteran and artist in Lubbock, left his laptop at Simply Mac for repair in May. He received an email last week stating his computer was fixed and ready for pick up.

When Martinez arrived, he discovered the locked door covered in notices.

At the forefront: a lock-out notice regarding missed rent payments with contact information for the property manager.

Martinez called the property manager to retrieve his computer from inside the store, but she said she does not have the legal authority to let him inside, which KLBK News confirmed, and recommended he obtain an attorney.

The property manager later notified Martinez when she learned that Simply Mac filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which means the company will be liquidated.

Martinez, at a loss, said he wasn’t sure what to do. He reached out to Simply Mac and did not get a response.

“I need my computer. I’m supposed to be working on a paper right now. I’m not able to do that,” Martinez said. “My computer’s been held hostage. I know that sounds funny, but it’s true.”

Martinez is not only missing school assignments, but he said he’s missing work too.

“I probably lost about $2,800 just within the [last] week. I’m gonna have to take a loss and see what I can do through my lawyer to get my money back and be compensated for the time that I’ve lost through work,” Martinez explained.

He added, “I might have to go buy another computer to work.”

KLBK News also attempted to contact Simply Mac, but we have not been able to reach them for comment either.

Martinez later called Apple and said the person he spoke with didn’t know about the bankruptcy, and thus didn’t have answers for him. That was last week.

“I have gone through every channel that I could go through and haven’t heard anything back and I’m sure I’m not the only person going through this,” Martinez said, adding that he even filed a police report…