A thinner Phil Schiller and a mustachioed Jony Ive introduce the Power Mac G3

Back in the day, Steve Jobs would routinely handle all of the MC duties during Macworld and special event keynotes. But in the years preceding his passing, other Apple executives such as Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall began making more frequent cameos during these special events.

By now, most Apple fans are quite familiar with Phil Schiller – Apple’s Senior VP of worldwide marketing – and Jonathan Ive – Apple’s Senior VP of Industrial Design – which is why the following video is so amusing.

The video below is from 1999 and was used to showcase what was then Apple’s brand new Power Mac G3 – the blue and white model, which to be honest, doesn’t stand up to the test of time like many of Apple’s other products.

The video showcases some familiar Apple faces and it’s interesting to see a thinner Schiller along with a mustachioed Ive. Also of note is an exceedingly enthusiastic Jon Rubinstein who even remarks at one point, “These machines are beautiful, but they kick ass!”

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