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  1. miiqbalrama says:

    Review an ipod touch using earpods ? so what's main purpose to purchase this ? I totally disagree if it just for audio quality..

  2. Farquaad Castle says:

    At least remove the Effin bezels
    Apple is basically a boss enemy from resident evil 4 at this point

  3. daniel yap says:

    maybe are those left over iPhone's part, so then mix it all together and offer your an "brand new" iPod touch~~ 2019 =)

  4. GiovanniRomano says:

    Once you get past the goofy intro – this review / reviewer isn’t bad! I got the 32 GB model to use just for music. Deleted a bunch of apps and changed settings to improve battery life. Wish it worked with the Apple Watch though…Thinking about running iOS 13 public beta on it but not sure now…

  5. jay says:

    How embarrassing they all have the same talking point with the kids hmmmmm I wonder how that could be ???

  6. Master Keeper says:

    Comparing an amazing gaming device like the Switch with bunch of IOS games? What world are you living in?

  7. Salty Maud says:

    No, please don't buy this in place of a gaming console for your kids. They will be disappointed.

  8. john w says:

    Yeah, get it for you kid, and it's cheap so it doesn't matter if they break it. What? That is a stupid reason to buy it. $200 is not cheap.

  9. William Petersen says:

    I'm still a huge fan of the iPod. I have a few in my collection, including a 5th Gen iPod Touch 32GB model. I currently use my iPod Classic 5th Gen 120GB for playing music in my car and via iTunes. This is still one of the Best portable music players out there. Even if Apple is done with iTunes, I will still continue using the app to manage my music and playlists. In terms of anything else such as Gaming, I wouldn't say the iPod is a good option, even with Apple Arcade. You simply cannot make the comparison with the Nintendo Switch or even other portable Gaming devices. The 1st Gen Sony PSP 1000 model of +6 years ago for example is a better and much cheaper option than this iPod.

  10. luedriver says:

    meh, if apple wanted to make a mp3 player it should have made an ipod classic with at least 500GB

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