Adweek assembles each and every one of Apple’s 84 iPhone commercials

Apple’s voice recognition/personal assistant feature, which you may affectionately refer to as Siri, debuted on the iPhone 4S and seems to be the focal point of every iPhone commercial you catch on TV these days. But way back in 2007, when the very idea of an advanced smartphone like the iPhone was completely novel, Apple’s iPhone ads struck a completely different chord.

The very first iPhone commercials were created to inform the masses as to what the iPhone could even do. It’s almost funny to think of an iPhone commercial that tells users how to “slide to unlock” the device, and how to go about checking one’s email or listening to music. Indeed, the revolutionary nature of the iPhone is underscored by the type of commercials Apple released back in 2007.

You can take a look at these commercials and a whole lot more over at Adweek where they’ve assembled  each and every one of Apple’s 84 iPhone commercials released to date. That’s a whole lot of advertising, and Apple’s longtime ad partner TBWA has been behind each and every single one.

Below is Apple’s first iPhone commercial, aptly titled “Hello.”

And here is Apple’ second iPhone commercial, titled “How To.”

And for all you trivia buffs out there, hit the break for a listing of all the movie/TV stars that appeared in the iPhone “Hello” ad.

In sequential order, here are the actors in the first ad above:

Lucille Ball,Jackie Glearson,Humphrey Bogart,Marlon Brando,Jerry Lewis,Marilyn Monroe,Clark Gable,Peter Seller,Steve McQueen,Paul Simon,Burt Reynolds,Betty Rubble,Robert Redford,Michael J. Fox,Harrison Ford,John Cusack,Audrey Tautou,Kevin Spacey,William H. Macy,Dustin Hoffman,Will Ferrell,Sarah Jessica Parker,Jeff Bridges,Billy Crystal,Cameron Diaz,Samuel L. Jackson,John Travolta,Robert De Niro,Ben Stiller, Michael Douglas–Mr. Incredible.

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