Ahead of new iPad launch, Corporate Market shows enhanced interest in Apple’s tablet

Apple was never one to cater to the corporate market, but in the iPad, they have a product that’s so appealing in its own right that the company is making inroads into market segments that were previously dominated by other companies.

Highlighting this telling shift in support, a recent ChangeWave survey of 1,605 business IT buyers shows that corporate demand for the iPad is as high as its ever been.

Going forward, better than one-in-five companies (22%) say they’ll be purchasing tablets for their employees during 2nd Quarter 2012, and the percentage reporting they’ll buy Apple iPads has jumped to the highest level of corporate iPad demand ever seen in a ChangeWave survey.

What’s more, the upcoming release of Apple’s new iPad is having an adverse affect on the interest corporate buyers are showing in other tablets. All across the board, no competing tablet is free from influence of Apple’s iPad dominance and growing mind and marketshare.

Apple’s next-gen iPad will go on sale at Apple retail stores this Friday at 8am. If you wanna snatch one up, you’d best be getting there early given that Apple quickly ran through it’s initial supply of iPad pre-orders, prompting an Apple to release a statement calling demand for the new iPad “off the charts.”

via Changewave

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