Android Vs iOS: Which Is More Secure?

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives, and choosing a secure platform amidst the thriving threat landscape is nothing less than crucial. Since mobile devices hold onto a plethora of our personal information, it is critical to opt for a secure device to remain secure against hack attacks, data breaches, and malware.

Since Android and iOS are the most popular OS for mobile devices, their debate has long since existed. What probably fuels the discussion is the unaffected popularity of Android devices despite being popular as “unsecure.” Research reveals that Android OS. dominates 75% of the market. In contrast, Apple phones make up only 21% of the market. So why is it that Android phones remain popular despite having a questionable security reputation? Is iOS more secure than Android, or is it all just a mere statement of brand superiority?

Why is iOS considered to be more secure than Android?

There is no doubt that iOS devices are generally considered a much more secure alternative than Android. On the upfront, this does not seem like a mere hoax when Android and iOS are lined up for a shallow comparison.

The reason why many people consider iOS to be a safer alternative is simply that this operating system is a closed system. Apple is strict when it comes to revealing its source code to app developers, and Apple owners don’t have the freedom to modify code on their iPhones or iPads themselves. Therefore, hackers and other cybercriminals also remain at a disadvantage and have difficulty finding a vulnerability worth exploiting within iOS-powered devices.

In contrast, Android devices function on an open-source code, which means that the owners of Android devices have the freedom to tinker with their mobile devices’ operating systems. However, at times, this tinkering leads to vulnerabilities in the system. Apart from that, often, when manufacturers put in an Android system modification within a new device, a vulnerability within the code will give the hackers a chance to exploit it.

Another main factor that Android devices somewhat have a tarnished reputation when it comes to security is their popularity. Since Android is the most commonly used OS, it is also a…