Another Apple dividend to drop on Thursday

For the second time this year, Apple will pay out a $ 2.5 billion dividend to investors. Breaking it down, that amounts to $ 2.65 per each individual share. This of course is also in addition to a $ 10 billion buy back plan where Apple will purchase back shares on the open market.

AppleInsider reports:

Over the next three years, Apple has stated that its buyback and dividend plans will distribute $ 45 billion from its cash pile, with quarterly dividends handing out $ 2.5 billion per quarter.

Apple is earning new cash faster than it is paying out in dividends however, so its $ 2.5 billion in quarterly dividend payments has not reduced Apple’s cash hoard over the past two quarters.

In the company’s June quarter, Apple announced the accumulation of an additional $ 7 billion in cash, while in its most recent earnings report, it announced having piled up another $ 4.2 billion, leaving it with $ 121.4 billion in cash at the end of its fiscal 2012 as reported in October.

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