Apple Accidentally Leaks Launch Event Date: iPads, AirTags Imminent?

Rumors of a Spring Apple event have been growing louder and more clamorous. Now a voice from within Apple itself, seems to confirm that an Apple launch event is happening a week from now, on Tuesday, April 20. When I say a voice, I mean it literally: Siri spilled the beans. We can expect new iPads (though there’s a sting in the tail when it comes to the flagship model) and more.

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Now, I don’t want to say I told you so, but regular readers will know that I’ve been focusing on that date for a while now, though admittedly I hedged my bets by saying it just might be the following day.

However, MacRumors last night came across the information we’ve been waiting to hear. It reports that if you ask Siri, “When is the next Apple event?” the reply comes “The special event is on Tuesday, April 20, at Apple Park in Cupertino, CA. You can get all the details on”

Note that this only works with U.S. Apple IDs and there are no further details on As well as on iPhones, it works on Apple TV, as you can see above.

Quite why MacRumors thought to ask Siri this question isn’t known, but maybe it’s something they regularly do. Either way, it was a good call.

So, it looks like it has just spoken out of turn or, at any rate, a bit prematurely.

Apple usually sends out invitations to its events a week in advance, so I’d expect this to become official, assuming it is right, later today. I believe it is the date Apple is going to announce its latest products, so I’d expect confirmation is imminent.

The event will be virtual, not in-person, and will start at 10AM Pacific. All Apple events start at 10AM local time.

We can expect a new 12.9in iPad Pro with miniLED display and faster processor, a new 11in iPad Pro with the same display as before but the same super-fast processor, and a new iPad mini.

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