Apple Accidentally Reveals iPhone Breakthrough Feature In New Patent


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A new patent has just been published which would give reverse charging capabilities to the iPhone and iPad, and implement them in a ways that’s subtly but importantly different from how other devices do it.

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Reverse wireless charging is nothing new to Apple. The second-generation Apple Pencil snaps magnetically to the current versions of iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini. When it’s in place, it automatically starts charging from the wireless charging pad mounted on the iPad’s edge.

At the time, it was claimed this was probably the smallest wireless charging pad you could find.

Since then, the MagSafe Battery Pack was launched, and this may have revealed a new first: the pack seems to show two-way wireless charging on the iPhone, or the Battery Pack or both. That’s because when you’re charging the iPhone 13, for instance, via the Lightning cable and the Battery Pack is attached magnetically to the back of the phone, the Battery Pack will be charged as well, wirelessly by the iPhone.

So, the new patent, spotted by the reliable Patently Apple with an interesting in-depth look at related Apple patents, gives us a glimpse of what could be coming for the next iPhone or iPad. It’s wireless charging but done in an unprecedented way as you’ll see from the title of the patent: “Through-Display Wireless Charging”.

It says, “Personal electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and even laptop computers may be used in conjunction with accessories such as smart watches, wireless earphones/earbuds, styluses, and the like. In at least some applications, it may be desirable for personal electronic devices to provide the capability to charge associated accessories. In some embodiments, such charging may be provided by a wired connection between the personal electronic device and the accessory. In other embodiments, such charging may be provided by a wireless connection between the personal electronic device and the accessory.”

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