Apple AirPods Pro are on sale at Walmart

Winter is truly underway, which means you’re in need of hot beats and sizzling soundtracks to keep you warm while you run errands, walk the dog, or work out at the gym (hello New Year’s resolutions!). Why not pick up a pair of those Apple AirPods Pro you’ve been eyeing? Another reason to make that move right now: They’re down to a low $210 — nearly $40 off — at Walmart.


Apple AirPods Pro (1st Generation)

$215$249Save $34

Active Noise Cancellation blocks outside noise, so you can immerse yourself in music, podcasts or whatever makes you happy. Get up to 24-hours of listening with one charge. Plus, this model is waterproof and sweat resistant.

$215 at Walmart

How do the AirPods Pro compare to previous models?

Good question. For one, they’re customizable. Big ears? Small ears? No problem. Whereas previous AirPod iterations subscribed to a one-size-fits-all approach, these state-of-the-art Pros provide a special ‘Ear Tip Fit Test’ so you can learn which size is best for you and your unique ear shape.

Apple also redesigned these buds with a silicone tip for a comfy fit so they’ll feel better in your ear and won’t slip out halfway through a workout.

Unlike previous versions of the iconic buds, the AirPods Pro feature active noise cancelling to block out nearly all ambient and background chatter.

“Why did I not buy AirPods years ago? I kept buying $20 sets of wireless earphones from diff brands with just so-so results. These are incredible,” wrote a reviewer who gave the earbuds a five-star review. “Noise canceling is on point. I barely heard anything outside even without the music. With music, I hear only music. The music and sound is so great!”

White Apple AirPods.

Treat yourself to these small but mighty AirPods Pro while they’re on sale! (Photo: Apple)

Battery life

The AirPods Pro are also a revelation in the battery life department — 5.5 hours compared to the previous model’s 3.5 hours. And you can drop them in their included wireless charging case to juice them up for an additional 24 hours of power.

A satisfied reviewer said, “I wear for about an hour at a time, and the battery only goes down 20-25%. Battery life is easily 4 or more hours, but who wears them that long without a break?”

Ease of…