Apple AirTags: How to find your lost or stolen luggage using your phone or computer


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Apple AirTags help you keep track of everything from wallets, backpacks and keys to pets and children. Another clever way to use them? Attach the tracking units, currently available for $10 off at Amazon, to your luggage in case your bags get lost or stolen while traveling. We even found a suitcase with an integrated AirTag.

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Stolen or lost luggage is a common complaint for air travelers. But over the past few years, the situation has gotten worse. Lost baggage claims have increased 30% since 2019, with 220,000 bags deemed “mishandled” (lost, damaged, delayed or stolen) by U.S. airlines in April 2022 alone.

Investing in a new carry-on bag, instead of checking your suitcase, is one way to avoid losing your luggage on your next flight. But if you must travel with a checked bag, consider attaching an Apple AirTag to it.

Apple AirTags (4 pack), $90 (reduced from $99)

How Apple AirTags work

Apple AirTags send a Bluetooth signal anonymously detectable to nearby devices. To set up an AirTag, simply follow the simple directions on the Apple website. Like other Apple gadgets, AirTags can be located on the Apple “Find My” map on Apple products. The most precise locating method is with the Precision Finding feature found on Apple iPhone 11 and newer models.

Apple AirTags are water-resistant and designed to last for up to one year on a standard, replaceable battery.

Apple AirTag, $29

How to use Apple AirTags to locate luggage

You might not want to attach an Apple AirTag to the exterior of a checked bag —  someone might snatch it off. Hiding it in one of the bag’s interior pockets, or attaching via an AirTag holder for luggage, ensures that a bag thief won’t be able to locate and remove the tracker at first glance.

The best reason to invest in an Apple AirTag for luggage? If your bag gets lost, you have a much better chance of locating it, either…