Apple And Epic Sharpen Their Knives


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Apple says Epic’s Fortnite lawsuit is a marketing stunt to revive ‘flagging interest’ in the game. Apple believes this lawsuit is Epic’s “project liberty” media strategy, despite Epic’s claim regarding the App Store raising prices due to Apple’s share of profit. The trial begins next month in California. 

Football legend Tom Brady launching an NFT company for autographs. It makes perfect sense, finally. What possession made of atoms needs an infallible chain of ownership – a blockchain – or NFT – more than an autograph? Perhaps the Mona Lisa? Or, as Philip Rosedale posited in this 2017 Forbes interview, a Ferrari. How would there otherwise be scarcity?

Vuzix Partners with TechSee to bring AI-powered visual assistance to the enterprise market over Vuzix’ Smart Glasses. The combined solution will support multiple industries such as manufacturing, insurance, and consumer electronics. The integration allows TechSee’s computer vision AI to be integrated into Vuzix’s hardware and will eventually be available in the App Store.

HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Launches in May for $1249. The new headset is a professional version of the recently released Reverb G2 last year. Some new additions to the headset are features such as pupil and eye tracking, heart rate, and facial tracking with an extra mounted unit.