Apple and MKBHD showcase company using iPhone LiDAR to help create pet prosthetics


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I’m not crying, you’re crying! Why? This duo of videos showing how a small business is leveraging the iPhone 14 Pro camera system to help make custom prosthetics for pets in need.

3DPets is the subject of the latest MKBHD video as well as Apple’s latest iPhone 14 Pro ad. 3DPets is responsible for 3D printing full-limb prosthetics as well as custom carts that help mobilize animals affected by missing legs.

The company is able to create prosthetics customized to each pet’s needs thanks in part to the iPhone.

LiDAR scanning is integrated into the camera system on iPhone 14 Pro and iPad Pro.

3DPets is able to leverage LiDAR on the iPhone to accurately capture animal dimensions using a process that’s as simple as taking a video. Marques Brownlee explains in his behind-the-scenes look at how 3DPets works:

3DPets is also featured in a new iPhone 14 Pro ad released today. Apple’s latest short film, called The Invincibles, is a super touching look at how the iPhone is empowering 3DPets to make a difference for pets and pet owners alike.

Learn more about 3DPets, the company behind these custom pet prosthetics made with the help of the iPhone, here.

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