Apple and Proview engage in settlement negotiations

Apple is reportedly engaged in negotiations to resolve their ongoing dispute over the iPad trademark that has been in dispute for some time. If you recall, Apple, through a subsidiary, purchased the rights to the iPad trademark from Proview in 2009. Proview, however, asserts that the deal didn’t include the trademark rights for the Chinese area.

And so, a legal dispute was born.

Macworld reports:

Ma Dongxiao, a lawyer representing the Chinese company Proview, said on Friday the talks were happening, but declined to offer details.

The legal dispute between Apple and Proview is still being deliberated by the Higher People’s Court of Guangdong Province. But earlier this week, the court recommended that both Apple and Proview find a way to mediate the dispute, according to a court spokesman.

Before a ruling is issued, Chinese law allows both parties to enter a “mediation procedure” to negotiate a possible settlement. But the talks are voluntary, the court spokesman said.


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