Apple and Samsung trial gets underway; Apple delivers opening argument

With the jurors all picked and ready to go, the Apple/Samsung trial is off and to the races. Things got started on Tuesday with Apple’s opening argument wherein Apple lawyer Harold McElhinny explained that Samsung, after realizing that they couldn’t compete with Apple, just went ahead and decided to copy the iPhone as best they could. Indeed, a perusing of various internal Samsung emails reveals that the Korean based company was hell bent on catching up with and overtaking Apple as the premier purveyor of smartphones, arguably by any means necessary.

Showing a key slide, McElhinny let the photo below speak for itself – a comparison of Samsung smartphones before and after the iPhone. A telling chart, to be sure, though Samsung argues that Apple merely cherry picked phones amongst dozens to deliver a misleading message.

“As we all know it is easier to copy than to innovate,” McElhinny explained. “Apple had already taken the risks.”

Reuters adds:

McElhinny showed jurors an internal Samsung product analysis which said the iPhone’s hardware was “easy to copy.” Another document prepared by a Samsung executive said the company was in a “crisis of design’ due to the iPhone.”

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