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Apple, earlier this week rolled out the public beta version of iOS 16.2. Among other features, the software update brings one of the major updates – 5G support for select iPhone users. Keep in mind that currently, the update will only be available for iPhone 12, 13, 14 and iPhone SE (2022) users.

Users should keep this in mind, that in order to make use of this service they will need to activate Airtel and Jio 5G on their compatible iPhones. Users can make use of this opportunity only if 5G is available in their cities where Airtel and Jio 5G services become live.  

To start using 5G on iPhone, the user must update their iPhone to the latest iOS 16.2 beta software. As the name suggests, the update will only be available to select beta testers. It is expected that it will roll out to the public by December.  

Since the update is available to beta users, only people from Apple Beta Software Program will become a part of this. It is expected that anyone and everyone can be part of this program. All they need is a valid Apple ID and agree to the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement during the sign-up process.

If anyone can join the Beta program, then anyone can leave the Beta program at any point. In order to leave, the users must Unenroll from the page and follow the instruction to remove their Apple ID from the program.

In order to activate 5G on your smartphone you need to have the 16.2 beta software on your iPhone. To do that, go to Settings, and tap on Mobile Data here. Then click on Mobile data options and select voice and data. Once this is done, you will be able to see three options 4G, 5G and 5G Auto.  

The last option, 5G Auto will help in switching between the two networks depending on if it’s available.  

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