Apple brings in ex-Googler and robotics expert Yoky Matsuoka to work on Healthkit

UNITED STATES - OCTOBER 01:  Yoky Matsuoka, 36; University of Washington. Matsuoka is trying to turn prosthetics into puppets. She is building lifelike prosthetics that she plans to connect directly to the brain to mimic all the motions real hands make. Eventually, she wants to create a grab-and-go version that can be popped on and then start working immediately.(Photo by John B. Carnett/Bonnier Corporation via Getty Images) Apple has tapped Nest’s former tech chief Yoky Matsuoka to head up health projects at the company, according to Fortune. The MacArthur genius award winner comes with an impressive resume as a former professor of robotics and co-founder of the Google X lab. Matsuoka joined Nest as head of technology in 2010. Matsuoka was slated to become Twitter’s tech VP last year but soon… Read More
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