Apple Business Essentials ‘presents Jamf with a terrific opportunity,’ says CEO


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Apple entering the world of enterprise device management could be seen as a concern for Jamf, but CEO Dean Hager says otherwise. Apple Business Essentials won’t be ready until next year, although there’s a beta available now. Despite Apple jumping into its world, Hager says Jamf isn’t being squeezed out.

A Computer World report quotes Hager as saying that he believes “this expected announcement is good news and presents Jamf with a terrific opportunity.” He might be right, too. Analyst Horace Dediu says there are around 212 million businesses worldwide that could make use of something like Apple Business Essentials — but it’s where Apple’s offering ends that Jamf comes into its own, according to analyst Carolina Milanesi.

Milanesi thinks Apple’s entrance into the market may be a problem for Apple MDM vendors such as Jamf, but sees opportunities for them to enhance Apple’s basic offer in other ways. That’s also what Hager thinks.

While there have been situations over there years where some thought Apple’s moves would diminish the need for Jamf’s tools, that hasn’t actually been the case. Building on Apple’s service is something Jamf has done for years, growing to fill the gaps left between what Apple offers and the “sometimes more specialized needs of enterprise customers.”

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The world of Apple device management is growing thanks to the impressive performance of Apple silicon and the latest round of Macs. Some businesses are likely to switch from Windows machines to Macs due to the impact Apple’s chips can have on their workflows. That opens even more businesses to Jamf and others, whether Apple’s part of the game or not.