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  1. Havana Woody says:

    It is an amazing Microphone. it sits on my wooden desk and picks up great resonance , mine has suffered a broken wire and I am on the look out for another one

  2. K M says:

    is there anyway to use this microphone with a MacBookPro 17" Late 2011 that you are aware of? The end of the jack looks the same as my headphone which work with the Mac but so far I've not been able to figure out how and if I can use it with my MacBookPro.

  3. VWestlife says:

    It has a very omnidirectional pickup pattern. The sound hardly changes at all when you point it away from you.

  4. lmull3 says:

    @bamdadkhan oh, nice! definately worth having. i use it just about everyday for teamspeak and skype and such.

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