Apple confirms fix to series box set playback issues on Apple TV app is coming

If you’ve been experiencing issues playing seasons of your favorite shows in the Apple TV app with Siri — you’re not alone, and Apple is already working on a fix.

Under certain circumstances, the Apple TV app has been having issues playing certain types of content. The most well-known example is the inability to play content purchased as part of a digital box set.

When a user attempts to play content from a box set by searching or querying Siri, they are prompted to buy single seasons or episodes that they already own. For some content, Siri would suggest the user subscribe to HBO Max.

Sigmund Judge took to Twitter to chronicle well-known, ongoing issues with playing box sets via the Apple TV app, as well as how to fix the problem.

The issue tends to affect users attempting to play “outdated” box sets — specifically box sets that have been updated by the distributor to include additional seasons. Also involved are box sets that are available to stream on other services, such as HBO Max. Judge, and iMore highlight “The Big Bang Theory” as a well-known offender. Similar issues have affected users who have purchased older movies and shows that have been removed, like a partial box set of an incomplete series, or updated in the storefront.

However, a purchaser should still able to play the content by playing the purchase through the Library, or using the Siri Remote controls — and not Siri itself — to play the content.

After Judge reached out to Apple with the issues he and others had found, the company confirmed that its engineering team is working on a fix.

Users who are currently experiencing issues are encouraged to reach out to their Apple Support Advisor via Apple Support on iOS. He provides a helpful walkthrough in the tweet below.