Apple considering multi-user support for the iPad is a game-changer


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  • A recent patent by Apple that was granted last week covers “Embodiments described herein provide for a system, method, and apparatus to provision domains in a secure enclave processor to support multiple users.”
  • iPads currently only allow one user login, but this new patent could mean multi-user support isn’t too far off.
  • Tech columnist Jason Aten says this could be a huge improvement for users, businesses and families alike, who want to keep their personal data separate on a shared device.
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The iPad is one of the most useful devices I own. 

I use a 2018 11-inch iPad Pro every single day. Despite being a few years old, it’s my favorite device to work on. When used with the Magic Keyboard, it’s a great tool for writing, research, and just about everything I do on a day-to-day basis. 

Never mind that millions of people use one of the various iPads available to do everything from work to binge-watch Netflix to attend online school. As a device, it’s one of the most versatile and useful computers you can get. It also happens to be, for the money, one of the most capable.

There are a few things that could be better, though I’d argue it really only has one major problem: An iPad is only for one person. I know you can technically share it with other people, but the problem is that when you do, you have almost no control over what you’re sharing with anyone who picks up the device.

The Mac, on the other hand, has long allowed you to create user accounts that have their own login, where each user only has access to their own collection of applications and files. You can even set different permissions or restrictions for different accounts.

The iPad, however, only allows you to set one passcode. You can obviously share that code with anyone you want to let use your device, but with it, you’re handing over access to everything stored on it and connected via services like iCloud.

A recent patent by Apple, however, might just give hope to anyone who has long wished they could hand off their iPad to their child without fear they might accidentally start responding to incoming Slack messages while…