Apple could replace your faulty iPhone display for free


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Apple has launched a free service to address a display issue affecting a limited number of iPhones sold in the last year.

The phones – which were manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 – will no longer respond to touch thanks to a fault in the display module, Apple stated on its support page this week.

Luckily, the company is offering to replace the faulty displays at no extra cost.

This issue only affects the iPhone 11, meaning those experiencing issues with older models or the new iPhone 12 may be out of luck (or at least, unable to get the display fixed for free).

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If you think your iPhone 11 may have been affected by this touch screen issue, you can enter your phone’s serial number on Apple’s support page to find out if it’s eligible for a free replacement. You can find the serial number in your iPhone’s settings, by tapping ‘General’ and then ‘About’.

If your device is eligible, Apple or an Apple Authorised Service Provider will examine the phone to verify and then replace your display free of charge.

To arrange this, you can talk to an Apple Authorised Service Provider, book an appointment at your local Apple Store or contact Apple Support to sort out a mail-in service through the Apple Repair Centre.

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Apple advises users to back up their phones to the iCloud or their computer before sending it for repairs to avoid losing any important data.

If you are experiencing issues with your display, you’ll want to check that it’s eligible soon. This repair program only covers devices for two years after their first retail sale, meaning you could have less than a year to take advantage of this free service.

If you’ve already paid to repair your iPhone and think that this may have been the issue affecting your device, then you’re not completely out of luck. Contact Apple to see if you’re eligible for a refund.