Apple enthusiast ‘bites’ through security, arrested in daring iPhone 14 heist in China


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In a shocking turn of events, a woman in China has been apprehended by law enforcement authorities for an audacious theft involving Apple’s coveted iPhone 14 Plus, which is known for its status symbol appeal and top-tier features.

The incident unfolded in an Apple store, and the accused individual has since been identified as Qiu, a resident of Fujian province in southeastern China. This daring heist, which has since garnered widespread attention on social media, is a stark reminder of the lengths some people will go to get their hands on the latest Apple devices.

Biting Through Security Measures

The South China Morning Post reported that the iPhone 14 Plus, valued at approximately 7,000 yuan (approximately ₹79,749), was the object of Qiu’s desire. Surveillance footage from the store captures the astonishing moment when she leaned over the counter in front of the display stand, casually placing her hand on the coveted smartphone. In a bizarre twist, she proceeded to gnaw through the anti-theft cable securing the device, all while feigning normalcy, as if casually scrolling through the phone.

Brazen Heist and a Baffled Store Staff

As the daring theft unfolded, an alarm was triggered, alerting store personnel to the unusual activity. However, Qiu’s act was so surreptitious that the staff, upon approaching her, failed to discern any wrongdoing. She continued her act of innocence until she made her exit from the store, leaving behind the stolen iPhone and a chewed-off security cable.

Swift Police Action

Upon discovering the missing phone and the compromised security cable, the store promptly reviewed the surveillance footage and contacted the local authorities. Remarkably, within just 30 minutes of the theft, the police apprehended Qiu outside her residence. Her arrest serves as a stark reminder that the allure of Apple’s cutting-edge technology can sometimes drive individuals to extraordinary lengths, even if it means chewing through security measures.