Apple Faces Serious MacBook Pro Problems

Apple is expected to launch two new MacBook Pro laptops later this year. Before then, Tim Cook and his team have some serious problems to address before the MacOS machines are ready for the public.


For many, the new MacBook Pro laptops have already been delayed. There was no mid-cycle update offered at June’s Worldwide Developer Conference to the first Apple Silicon based MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops; an update to the larger 16-inch MacBook Pro never appeared either, or the debut of the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

These are now expected to debut later this year. The mooted mid-September date coincides with the traditional iPhone launch, but I can’t see Apple diluting the message of its key product. The MacBook Pro launch event will be delayed once more into a late October slot.

If you can find it.

One of the biggest issues for Apple is sourcing enough supplies of the MiniLED display for the new design. MiniLED offers more vibrant colors and deeper blacks for less battery power; but the worldwide silicon shortage coupled with Apple’s massive order book is an issue. Last week it was reported that Apple is directly investing in supply lines and manufacturers to increase available stock.

Given the new new display is going to be one of the key selling points of the redesigned MacBook Pro, you can see why this is going to be a problem.

The there’s the question of who is left to buy the new hardware. There will be a contingent of Apple users who will not yet have upgraded their laptops to last year’s Apple Silicon powered MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops. Apple has not yet offered a 16-inch MacBook Pro with its ARM-based processors, nor has it offered a ‘top-tier’ of the smaller MacBook Pro; these are expected to be…