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  1. Luke Horsey says:

    I prefer Apple but I think Android phones and Windows PC are good and if someone has one I'm not necessarily going to try and murder them.

  2. idengaming says:

    YOu seem to only own apple products, and you're making a video trying to defend it with a smug look. 

    I'd say I've seen through your ruse, and would deff say you're a apple fanboy.

  3. Carlos Palada says:

    You buy whatever you want it's your money fuxk what people think… the jealousy is a virus. ..

  4. Dark Matter says:

    when you have to search wikipedia for definition of fanboy, you ARE an apple fanboy….:)

  5. mineiac7 says:

    The reason apple is so loved is because it's different, you may look at it at first and call it crap then continue using your pc, but once you actually use an apple product you love it because its different and people want to have things look different in life it makes it look much cooler. But personally im a pc and android fanboy

  6. Ryan Jones says:

    I have to go with Apple! I've used Samsung and I don't have a problem with them although every device they have looks the same! :/ it's android I don't like it's buggy, it freezes and it crashes a lot. I have never had a problem with Apple and that's why all of my devices are Apple! If android sorted their Sh*t out I'd consider using it!

  7. Jalf Dado says:

    Please apple add removable battery and sd card slot. If other low end phone can do it u can do it. Sorry apple but I have to go with android.

  8. I'm the Real One. says:

    You know an apple fanboy if they make untrue assumptions about android users such as being poor and classless. Also by having backup they probably know nothing about it in which it makes no sense. Lastly, making it known iPhones are the best in world without having reasons. In conclusion, they're a bit brainwashed.

  9. Antoine Lawrence says:

    I have both Samsung and apple. Samsung is better with phones, tvs, software, customer service, UI

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