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  1. League of Volt says:

    well i have huawei and its android
    you are really just like my friend its Samsung and Iphone : /

  2. Lazy Potato says:

    I’ve had my iPone for roughly a year and it already only charges to 80%. And it’s not too old really. The model it’s self is maybe 3 years old. So, why does it die when it hits 20% after only 2 months after my first full year of iPhone-ness?

  3. Gamer_Boiii 77 says:

    Jailbreaking ur iPhone will make it a beast like android. And it has a more powerful processor than android phones, so yea that’s cool.

  4. ROOGHZ says:

    They're problems with android users they don't respect apple users opinion that's why war started upon the two

  5. Anshuk A. says:

    I'm over here like… 700$ for 64GB?! …a 64 GB sd card is 20$.

    But aside from that, totally respect your opinion dude. The main reason I won't switch to IOS now, is because everything is saved on Android. (Plus, I do need it for computer science).

  6. Nonetrix says:

    Why not get the beast it’s cheaper and better I’m just saying I might be a fanboy tho

  7. schlupfmurke says:

    I don't use an I phone because it wouldn't stop by the phone. If you have an apple product and want to use it properly you will need other apple products. After time i would get lazy and stop searching for the really best products and putting them together for the things i really need. And I like to format my phone and to change battery to increase the lifetime or to improve my pc.

  8. Dino Hunter345 says:

    Well ive had both and i like both but i prefer samsung a little more cause all the girls in the world dont obses over it

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