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  1. Lazy Potato says:

    I can’t exactly be an Apple fan because I’m only forced to use Apple for school and my dad thinks it’s what I’d like.

    Honestly, I would love to switch over to an Android.

  2. Windows XP says:

    IDK why peeps fight witch company or software is better?
    Both rock
    i use both of them
    i use Samsung Galaxy Note8 and iPhone 7+

  3. Mabirc says:

    800 likes and 150 dislikes or 500 likes and 250 dislikes on the Android fanboy video.

    I think we can all agree, that Fandroids are alot worse than Apple fanboys.

  4. Unspoken Sniper says:

    Not true new MacBook and iPads are just 2 expensive so it does not have to be the latest stuff

  5. Pitudo Gaming says:

    you for got the cancerous apple watch btw i am a samsung fanboy not necessarily android or tizen just love samsung products

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