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  1. Fegelein's Advertisment Channel says:

    Apple: Introducing the iFold which costs $3200
    Samsung and Huawei: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Arnav Kathuria says:

    Apple will always wait until this thing becomes practical and usable unlike Samsung

  3. DMV Productions says:

    Hey, Phil Swift. This is your entry into the smart phone industry. Introducing, FLEX PHONE, the all new powerfull smart phone. It's so strong, it even works underwater. Even in the worst conditions, FLEX PHONE won't crack.

  4. matt Alford says:

    Apple. We can't fit the headphone Jack in our phones anymore. Samsung. Hold my beer. Fits a headphone Jack, and a whole pen inside their phone lol.

  5. Sun Wukong says:

    Samsung Beats Apple In The Global Smartphone Market As Chinese Brands Close In

  6. The Truth says:

    If you like apple i think you may be retarded. They rip you off and slap on your face with it and somehow people keep coming back ot it. Its like an abusive relationship.

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