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  1. Willie WMS says:

    As a former Apple fanboy who owned every MacBook at one point or another, and every iPad at one point or another, I can't believe I just purchased this Windows Surfacebook 2. Man, I was slacking so much.

  2. robertsmith says:

    Top notch video, I don't like Microsoft but, adobe premiere is my final cut pro,the fist surface was slow as fuck so the 2nd Gen now used is affordable and I'm thinking about it but Samsung tablets with amoled and 2k screens are really making me think twice, I think the Samsung tablet with windows is my cup of tea for now

  3. Scott Pleasants says:

    I made the switch to a Surface Book. The only thing that I miss with my Mac are polished application and having all of my devices work together. I do have an iPhone and have no desire to get an Android phone. Other than that, love the capabilities of the SB and its potential.

  4. Reza Atabaki says:

    lol, watching this on my SPB2. lol. Have had it for few months now, and I don't even regret :) I only wish they had used thunderbolt 3 in it. Then it would be ridonculous…

  5. Kaloyan Stoyanov says:

    I thought macbooks are great until I started using one. It feels slow and sluggish. Windows on the other hand feel fast and snappy.

  6. The Jays says:

    Seriously man. Microsoft is really leaps ahead of Apple right now. It's so awesome, I love my 15 inch surfacebook 2. I don't see myself going back to mac any time soon……………..

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