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  1. BenObi Tech says:

    QOTD: Do you like iOS or Android? And why? Let me know in the comments!

    QUICK NOTE: I installed a custom skin and launcher on the phone. So it's not really stock anymore.

    Quick announcement! I will be Livestreaming the Apple Keynote tomorrow starting at 9:45AM PDT/5:45PM BST, with another fellow creator, Trusted Texan!
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  2. uwiN viDanage says:

    every issue you had is mainly due stock android ( except for the Yt creator app thing) in any manufacture skin those issues are fixed.
    stock android is like a skeleton of android it's just the basic structure for OEM's to build on. i highly recomend you to check out a non stock experience ( miui of xiaomi is a well optimized skin, even oneplus should be good)


    I would love to see ur reaction after using a better phone than this bcz remember u r comparing a 1000$ phone with a 150$ phone. Also that swiping to see the notification from lockscreen is different in different phones. U can even turn off that if u want. In my s8 u have to actually swipe down the notification bar to see that. Also that phone is not stock android. It is using a custom skin.


    Dude you can turn off those system notifications. You have issue with the notifications bcz u r using a phone having custom skin and it depends on the manufacturer. Just use a more branded phone like oneplus or Samsung bcz i haven't seen any issues in any phones that i have used.

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