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  1. Nonesense Speaker says:

    YES!!! Positivity from Apples side, it’s so refreshing I love you sm omfg. Subbed!
    I ordered a Pixel last Saturday and it’s coming in soon, sooooo excited! Switching from my iPhone 6, figures if I was gonna sacrifice my headphone jack may as well try something new you know?
    I saw a Verizon Companion while I was in Best Buy looking around and… fell in love. I want. It’s so smol. I must hold.
    Google is still so juvenile compared to other phones rn so I’m excited to see how they improve in the future.

  2. Vasquez Beardoracci says:

    wow, so it's a phone. It works. How awesome is that?

    Pixel 3 is trying to copy iPhone, the no headphone jack and the notch. Damn it, Google, I need the jack.

  3. Wanda McKnight says:

    I admire you for having the guts to try it and give it an honest review. I’ve used both and totally agree with you.

  4. The Merg Project says:

    When you mentioned how your iphone remembers ID's and passwords, actually the same goes for Android and Google Chrome as well. Your gmail account has a feature that remembers passwords for you. So if for example you factory restore your computer, and start fresh again. All you need to do is download chrome browser and login to the browser using your main account email and viola, whatever website you go to that requires a login, it will ask you if you want to use a previous password.

    The EXACT same thing happens when you factory restore your android phone for the pixel. Just need to login using that same email account and all the websites that require login will ask the same question. EVEN the apps you download that require login, your google phone will automatically ask if you like to use a previous account ID and pass.

    Just like iphone.

    If you like Android so far, you'll have to look into what the future holds for android. and apparently rumor is that Google is going to drop Android and replace it with a new OS.

  5. The Merg Project says:

    hey, while you're using the pixel 3, try challenging yourself to the swipe texting. ONLY swipe to text and type with your thumb ONLY when you have to. This is one of the biggest things that made me switch back to the pixel.

    I know the iphone has Gboard too, but its really glichy

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