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  1. DHSD | #leel says:

    1:49 Apple Fanboys who don't know anything about Apple..
    iOS is for iPhones and macOS for Macs

    I don't even use Apple I'm using Samsung and Windows

  2. The Best MAC and PC games says:

    I love Mac more but it doesnt mean I hate Windows. I respect Windows

  3. Lord Adz says:

    That first comment seemed like a troll as they clearly couldn't even spell properly.

  4. Popypoplandpop Popy says:

    fuk u my mac has courage AND IS SIMLIFY i will fukin pay 283638373663 for core duos and 1gb of ram
    also fuk u windows u gae u tooooooo confusing

  5. Gamer du Québec says:

    Pc just works… Macs requires you to buy a shit ton of accessories to do basic stuff

  6. Shaelynn M says:

    I want my god damn headphone jack back Apple!! Aaaaaarrggggg!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

    I’ll fight you.

  7. kek kek says:

    You can get a beast PC for the same price as a mac. Apple is such a moneywhore company

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