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  1. JWUniverse says:

    It's Too Late For Apple for Me I just Upgraded my XS Max to the S10+ It Will be in my Hands on Friday! And the Buds! Sorry Apple I'm tired of this crap your pulling!

  2. Yasmin Al-wassia says:

    I was an Iphone user for as long as I can remember but I switched to Samsung late last year. And I am very happy. It takes amazing photos… hope I can afford that when it comes out.

  3. Christopher Plata says:

    Now apple cant even make fold able phones cuz Samsung is withholding that technology from apple because of a legal contract between the 2 LLLLOOOLLLL!!!

  4. Blue Vegerot says:

    Im glad Samsung was the first to make foldable phones, this will raise them even higher and i hope higher than that shitty Huawei. Samsung deserve more recognition, they're awesome

  5. BUBBLE ZONE says:

    I was iPhones biggest fan however now I have the note 9 and its jest amazing. Million miles better than iPhone, now I changed my mind any company makes better phones I go with them who cares any more.

  6. Joe Joe says:

    I don't still understand people buying Apple iPhones because iPhones still use LCD screen. LOL.

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