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  1. Nigrisshi says:

    $2,000 but not for a piece of crap like the Galaxy Fold. And it has to have ALL the specs and features of their flagship "normal" phone offering. And if it's gonna be fragile as hell, they better make the non foldable panels with glass to make it feel fancy :3

  2. Foumet Sny says:

    Huawei Mate X is better than Samsung Fold, we get it!
    Tell us about how much Huawei Mate X is better than any Iphone

  3. Christian Koncz says:

    If apple had any sense, they'd just create an ios version of this and put an apple logo on it, then charge 3000 bucks or thereabouts and make a deal with Huawei to sell this exclusively as an Apple product in developed markets. Facebook did that with Oculus Go, it is actually a Xiaomi product and sells as Xiaomi in developing markets, whereas in developed countries it is sold as Oculus. Every celebrity would want one and soon people would be taking out big loans to emulate them and buy one.

  4. Bo Bu says:

    Foldable phones should have been the $1,000 device and everything else should have been below $800.

  5. Tenki Gu says:

    I don’t really care about your pronunciation as long as you spoke out pretty solid content Lol. Good job.

  6. pacmangs 1975 says:

    Apple fold 5g will come in September 2020..for 3500 USD for base variant..and this idiot will say.. absolutely worth it..lol lol

  7. HyunMin Choi says:

    How is Huawei mate x a finished product?! It’s made of plastic, so it will scratch with your coins, and has a crease in the middle! Samsung actually has a glass screen, which is even protected with an inward fold. Samsung has a more finished product than Huawei, even the operating system.

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